120+ Wednesday Puns That Will Make Your Day

Before you scream out of frustration, we understand! How can it only be Wednesday when we have been working for 72 hours a day? The office can be stressful, and the school can be stressful, so we decided to create a list of Wednesday puns to lighten the mood. So you should go and crack these Wednesday puns when you visit the water cooler next time, perhaps!

Funny Wednesday Jokes

If only it were Punsday, everyone would be happier. Or a weekend would do too. But a Wednesday? Hell no! The amount of irritation the general 9-5 workers hide on a usual Wednesday morning is highly underrated. So we created this impressive list of Wednesday puns to help people like you cheer up!

  • “Happy Wren’s Day!” Sarah yelled at midnight when she brought a birthday cake to her boyfriend, Wren’s room.
  • “Happy Wakes Day!” The rooster yelled, trying to wake the sleepy birds and get them started with the day.
  • “It is Wet Day!” Sarah groaned, realizing her plans to go out had been ruined by the constant rain.
  • A brew-tiful hot cup of coffee on a rainy Wednesday afternoon is just what all of us crave when it is a work-from-home day.
  • On Wednesday morning, Henry’s tools jumped out of their places to do random ax of kindness for people who were stressed in the middle of the week.
  • On Winesday, Henry and Sarah decided to go out for a drink to relieve themselves from stress in the middle of the week.
  • On Wednesday, Sarah and Henry planned to go on a whiskey business and hoped to return home safely.
  • Sarah was not that used to drinking on a proper weekday, but it was Winesday, so she decided to go anyway.
  • The kids at the playschool could not stop crying and whining. It was a trying day for babysitters and guardians because it was Whinesday.
  • I think we all need some encourage-mint on our lunchboxes, especially if it has been a long week and it is just Wednesday.
  • Whinesday is supposed to be the hardest for all mothers because children are prone to whining in the middle of the week.
  • I always get confused between Wednesday and When is That Day. I think it is probably a mid-week crisis.
  • I thought I spotted wedness in Sarah’s eyes, but she might just be pulling off extra work on Wednesday.
  • On Whinesday, Sarah read some Wednesday Puns to the toddler so he would stop whining.
  • I am weekend already. Why is it just Wednesday yet?
  • My will to work on a Wednesday has weekend already.
  • Sarah was happy that the month was finally ending because that meant she would be getting her salary on Wednespay.
  • “Devil be lots of happiness, just not on Wednesday,” said the mid-week crisis.
  • I don’t think Ikea-n wait till the weekend, I’m sorry, but Wednesday itself is exhausting.
  • Sarah was extremely bubbled when she heard that it was only Wednesday. She felt like she had been working for five days, literally.
  • “Wednespun?” Asked the toothless grandma to Henry, who looked bubbled at her. “You mean you want to hear more Wednesday Puns?” He asked, to which the grandmother perkily nodded.
  • Even funny Wednesday puns could not calm the crying babies down on Whinesday.
  • Sarah was looking forward to Winesday because she would finally be able to forget about work for a while.
  • I made a joke about airplanes on Wednesday when I boarded one, but I don’t think it could take off.
  • After Chewsday, comes Winesday, and those were the days.
  • Wednesday is Wednesbae because we get to have wine on a weekday!
  • There is a pride march happening in the neighborhood on Wednesgay. I can’t wait to be a part of it!
  • Wednesday puns on a stressful Wednesday is Wednesbae!
  • When my happiness starts to fade with the unbearably long Wednesday, it is more of a Wednesfade.
  • Kenya tell me some Wednesday puns to make this unbearable Wednesday a little more bearable?
  • The sunset on Wednesday was so brew-tiful that I could celebrate the end of a half week with a cup of coffee and perhaps some Wednesday puns.
  • “I might be a weekday, but I have seen people break down just by hearing my name,” said Wednesday to the smug Sunday.
  • Wednesday is Wednesfun with Wednesday puns.
  • I made a joke about airplanes when I boarded one on Wednesday, but I think it flew over everyone’s heads.
  • I cannot wait to Rome around aimlessly on the weekends again, but it is just Wednesday.
  • The Spain is real because I cannot wait for Wednesday to be over either.
  • My Deli routine is to wait for Wednesday to be over, but clearly, it takes many days.
  • My frustration with work started Dublin when I realized that it was only Wednesday and the long week had just begun.
  • “What is the Russia? It is only Wednesday!” said the professor when Henry tried to ask him about next week’s class schedule.
  • Where Dubai extra sets of patience, because I cannot believe it is just Wednesday.
  • When Sarah and the girls planned a fun event on Wednesday, she preferred to call it Wednesfun.
  • Oman, these Wednesday puns are hilarious; it has made this long week somewhat bearable!
  • Kenya believe that it is just Wednesday? It has been such a long and tiring week already.
  • I need a lot of Lucknow to get through this unbearably long week because it’s just Wednesday.
  • Venice this week ending already, I am so tired, but it is only Wednesday.
  • I have been Cochin myself to stay happy on Wednesdays and the mid-week crisis with funny Wednesday puns.
  • I spilled a glass of milk when I heard it was only Wednesday and got a breakdown because of the mid-week crisis. So I guess I cried over spilled milk.
  • I was tardy while cooking and forgot to pay attention to the cookies in the oven. And just like that, I burned about 1000 calories on a single Wednesday!
  • Wednesday puns are terrible, but a bunch of eye jokes is cornea.
  • It was getting harder and harder to make the week butter and bearable because when I realized that it was only Wednesday, I was hit with a mid-week crisis.
  • I was so bready to be productive this week, but by Wednesday, I was dead meat.
  • I could not feel butter about the fact that it was only Wednesday, and I was literally in a mid-week crisis.
  • Some fresh Eryre was all I needed on this unbearably long Wednesday, so I decided to skip classes and go to the library.
  • It Romains to be seen whether the angry and frustrated millennials survived the wrath of Wednesday.
  • Sarah felt extremely Hungary after coming home from work on an exhausting Wednesday, so she ordered some food online because she had no energy to cook anymore.
  • “Oman, I cannot believe it is only Wednesday. How can this week be so slow and tiring?” Henry grumbled as he pulled himself out of his bed.
  • Some random acts of kindness are sometimes what we all need on an unbearably long Wednesday afternoon.
  • This week has simply been a dragon because it is just Wednesday.
  • If it wasn’t for Punsday, I would not have been cracking these Wednesday puns.

Wednesday Jokes

Venice this week going to end already? How can it be just Wednesday when we have been working for 72 hours a day? So before I burst off into my own mid-week crisis, here is a list of Wednesday puns we created just for situations like this one. Stay strong!

  • When does the organized wolf usually go hunting? On Wild Wednesday.
  • What did the concerned reptile say to its owner before she left for work? “I hope your week does not dragon.”
  • What did Sarah say when she realized it was only Wednesday? “You have got to be kitten me.”
  • What did the exhausted office worker say when he was asked what day it was? “Why, it is Wine Wednesday, of course.”
  • Why were the sets of 2’s so happy? Because soon after Wednesday, their day will be in almost a week.
  • How did Henry ask his crush out? “Will you be willing to go out for a drink with me on Winesday?”
  • What did Henry need to tell his crush? “Is it fate that brought us together on Wednesfate, or is it just a coincidence?”
  • Why were the kids crying so much that day? Because it was Whinesday.
  • What did the llama say when it heard that the weekend was not close? “What do ewe mean it is just Wednesday!?”
  • How did Henry ask the love of his life to marry him? By kneeling on one knee and saying, “Wed-nes-day?”
  • What is it called when you are to receive your salary on a Wednesday? Wednespay.
  • How did Tuesday console a sad Wednesday? “Don’t worry! You have something that others don’t. That’s W.”
  • What did the shy bottle of wine say when the water bottle asked it when its birthday was? “It is on Winesday…”
  • What did Sarah say in a mid-week crisis while being overburdened with monotony? “I can’t believe it is just Wedneswhere.”
  • Knock knock.

Who is there?



Wednesday, the famous mid-week crisis.

  • What did Wednesday want to be when it grew up? Thursday, or perhaps, Friday, it just wanted to be remarkable.
  • Why did Sarah refuse a co-worker’s help on Wednesday? Because she would never let anyone spreadsheet about her in the office.
  • Why did Henry take a leave from his office on Wednesday? His immune system has most probably weekend.
  • Why was Wednesday so fragile? Because it is a week day, duh.
  • Why is a Saturday stronger than Wednesday? Because Wednesday has proven to be a week day.
  • What did Sarah say to her boss when she chose not to come to the office on Wednesday? “I’m sorry, I just feel very week today.”
  • Who would win an arm wrestle Wednesday or Monday? Why, none, of course, both of them are very week days. Sunday could win, though.
  • Why are Wednesdays hated so much? Because they whine, and on top of it, they are week days.
  • What did the Ikea employee say when he was told that he had to wait till Wednesday for his salary? “Are you kidding me, Ikea-nt wait that long!”
  • What did Sarah say when she was told she was late to work for the third time that week? “I know it’s just Wednesday, but thanks!”
  • What did the jar of jam say when it heard it was only Wednesday? “I jam not happy with this development; Sandy will have to find a replacement for breakfast.”
  • What did the optimistic jar of jam say when it heard it’s only Wednesday? “We are onto the third day of the slowest week ever, woohoo!”
  • What did Henry say to the toothless grandma at the airport when she asked ‘Wednesday’ precisely? “The next day is after today, ma’am.”
  • How does the usual Wednesday greet an exhausted person? By saying, “WednesAYYY Captain.”
  • What is an affordable store for fishes who wake up on Wednesday? WednesBay.
  • Why was Vladimir Putin seen so stressed on Wednesday? Because he was probably Putin too much pressure on himself.
  • What is it called when a person’s happiness fades on Wednesday? Wednesfade.
  • What did an exhausted Karen say when she heard it was Wednesday? “WednesK.”
  • What does a sadistic manager of a company say when he sees his employees working on a stressful and long Wednesday? “Wednesbae, I am loving this.”
  • What did Sarah say when the girls planned to go to the bar on Winesday? “Winesday? More like Wednesbae!”
  • Why was Wednesday so tired of it all? Because it was a week day.
  • What did Henry say to the police officers when asked why he was driving so fast on a Wednesday? “Because it is Wednespeed, obviously!”
  • What is it called when your work day ends on Wednesday evening? Wednesfreeeee.
  • What did Henry say when he was scared to give a presentation at his work on Wednesday? “I might be having some Wednesfear, but I hope I will do alright.”
  • When did Michael Faraday discover benzene? Most people claim that it was a calm Friday morning when the Eureka moment hit, but who said it couldn’t be a Wednesday?”
  • What did Henry say when he boarded a flight on Wednesday and received his lunch? “This is total nuts!”
  • What did Sarah say when she realized it was raining on a Wednesday evening and forgot to carry an umbrella? “It is not Wednesday, but surely Drenchday.”
  • What did Wednesday say when Sarah complained that the week was too slow? “What is the Russia, Sarah?”
  • Why did the gamers not play a single video game on Wednesday? Because they were too tier-ed.
  • What did Wednesday say to an exhausted Sarah in the morning? “Are you bready to work your ass off again?”
  • Why was Sarah so cranky? Because she was Hungary and it was only Wednesday, compelling her to go to work for two more days.

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