75+ Best Weight loss Puns and Quotes

Losing weight is not easy. If you are looking for a weigh to lose some pounds then these weight loss puns can help you out. It will make you laugh so hard that you will probably burn some calories. Given below is a list of some weight loss puns.

Weight loss Puns and Quotes

  • Being above a normal weight is no weigh to exist.
  • Do you know Mexican ghost named Jose? He is called by them, ‘No weigh Josh.’
  • I made an effort to make the plump ladies notice the mistake of their weighs.
  • Above a normal weight? Don’t forget, you attain your weigh.
  • Before starting your diet, get the skinny, because it is not possible to retain it both weigh.
  • Not everything is worth the weight.
  • He lost some weight.
  • He went forth to lose weight.
  • The action of doing work is resulting in quite a stir.
  • Is that individual going at the right weigh?
Weight Loss Puns
  • Dieting is an extremely urgent issue of life and Breadth.
  • Here is a punishment of death: if a lot of grease and fat is eaten by you, you will expire. 
  • Some individuals believe in tit for tat. But healthy individuals believe in fit for fat.
  • If someone can’t gain a victory, he can’t lose.
  • If someone has too much taste, it goes to his waist.
  • BBQ apron: Incredible minds think similar.
  • Obesity is not a minor problem.
  • You can get help to exist longer by eating plenty of fruit.
  • It was claimed by a billboard in Bangkok that unless he lost weight, all symphony will stop.
  • Shed that additional nine kilograms? Weigh to go.
Weight Loss Puns
  • To get the diva of daytime TV to lose body fat is a difficult Oprah ration.
  • Five pounds is lost by me just by farting. Ultimately I notice the shade of my weighs.
  • The Biggest defeated person: Every Female version is presently on Broadweigh.
  • Why was the client sent by the diet trainer to the paint store? She heard you could get thinner there.
  • The only dissimilarity in my existence when I follow a diet is , “ I say, “I didn’t eat nachos intentionally instead of saying nachos were eaten by me.
  • What would you name a person who can’t follow a diet? A desserter.
  • What do you name a non-amateur microscopic living organisms? A Pro-Biotic
  • Ladies if you want to lose some pounds, allow to go of your handbag.
  • Whenever a person tells me I put on some pounds I just reply to them that I am working on westward expansion.
  • What superfood the terracotta figurine liked the most? Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Seeds.
Weight Loss Puns
  • There is no necessity of a personal coach as much as there is a necessity of a person to follow me around and take the toxic foods out of my hand.
  • What was the most famous trend of decrease in body weight in the Holy Roman Empire? The Diet of Worms.
  • How does the Energizer bunny maintain his shape? The Alkaline diet.
  • Today a cupcake without the sprinkles brought by me. Diets are not easy.
  • Nutritionist:  you must consume 1,200 calories per day.
  • Me: fine, and how many calories per night?
  • I wanted to join the gym but then I didn’t want to join the gym even more.
  • I should start eating more healthful foods, but first I should eat all the unhealthy food in the kitchen so junk food is not there to attract me anymore.
  • I start seafood dieting when I see food, and I can’t resist myself from eating it.
  • The only thing that I can memorize is I wanted to lose some pounds after eating those sweet biscuits.
  • What exercise do you like the most? Chewing.
  • I never give up to lose some pounds but it is continuously finding me.
  • It needed a lot of courage. But ultimately I lose all the hope for dieting.
Weight Loss Puns

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