65+ Best Winter Puns and Funny Quotes

Winter is known to inspire strong emotions in people. While some claim to love winter, the others simply hate it whatsoever. For paying tribute to winter, here we have mentioned this list of winter puns about ice, snow, and cold that will help to make this season either better or worse.

Winter Puns and Funny Quotes

  • For what reason is winter considered being the least favorite period of the year for a marriage?

Since the bridegrooms usually get cold feet.

  • What will be your action when someone is staring coldly at your direction?

I will be glaring ice.

  • I am making an attempt to break ice along with you, but you continue to give me the cold shoulder.
winter puns

_What was told by the snow plow guy once his equipment started malfunctioning?

Shovel the snow after taking this job.

_Peter Parka happens to be the secret identity of the Spider Snowman.

_What is done by Frosty the Snowman for combating his concerns regarding melting?

He will be taking a chill tablet!

_How does Frosty make payments for his chill tablets?

Using his slush fund.

_We would all become rich during winter provided snowflakes would have become currency. 

We would be paying a visit to the nearby snow bank.

_A whirlwind winter romance is going to be called love at frost sight.

_This town becomes an iceberg with the onset of the winter.

_What type of soup will you be able to prepare with cool beans?


_What would you call a dollar which has been frozen in ice?

Hard and cold cash.

_It will be possible to protect yourself from zombie snowmen using a thawed off shotgun.

_When Superman was confronted with Mr. Freeze, his “S” was frozen off.

_It is impossible to depend on the snowmen for hanging around for long because they are quite flaky.

_A $1 ticket for going to the ice rink will be called an inexpensive skate.

_Have you heard regarding the ski trip?

winter puns

Even though it started well, it had been all downhill from there. 

_A group of children who were in the snow all afternoon will be called chill-dren.

_When the cash machine does not function because of becoming too cold, it call it a spending freeze.

_When I am wished a “Happy Winter” by someone, it usually makes me cold.

_A hotdogging snowman will be called a snowboat.

_In case snowmen are unable to ride tricycles, unicycles, or bicycles, they will be able to ride only icicles.

_For what reason do snowmen become injured while playing sports?

Since they do not warm up!

_have you heard of the indulgent sledding supervisor?

He allows everyone to slide.

_Mother always knows best, and Mother Nature always snows best once winter sets in.

_The best food to consume within an igloo is going to be brr-eakfast. 

_You will come across snowmen everywhere during winter, but you won’t find any snow toddler.

This is because they are having meltdowns at all times.

_Winter snow causes a great problem for all those who are residing in the northern climates.

_Have you heard of the emperor penguin?

He had got a freezing reign.

_Frostbite happens to be the greatest threat of constructing a snow dog.

_What will you say once you like to break the ice with somebody?

Ice for meeting you.

_For what reason did Billy prepare several snowmen for becoming his friends?

Since he desired to spend some time with the cool kids.

_The past tense of the term “icy” happens to be I thaw.

_The preferred type of candy of a mountain happens to be snow caps.

_Once a snowman suffers from a temper tantrum, we call it a meltdown. 

_A snowman having a six pack will be called an abdominal snowman.

_A snowman telling tall tales will be called a snow-fake.

_What was consumed by the snowman?

Icebergs along with chilli sauce.

_What was put by the snowman over the crib of their baby?

He put a snowmobile.

_Today is not the day for making jokes regarding the weather.

It is snow joke.

winter puns

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