115+ Worm Puns to Make You Fall in Love with Worms

Worms are adorable critters that frequently startle people by appearing out of nowhere! 

When they involve characters like amusing worms, puns and jokes may be really funny. Since worms are so prevalent, be prepared to make some worm puns the next time you see one or two while out and about.

Funny Worm Puns

There are numerous different types of worms, including book worms, gummy worms, glow worms, silkworms, and tapeworms. There are too many jokes and puns to handle with this many worms! 

These will make you smile, whether they are puns about gummy worms, books, or earthworms in public. We hope you and your children will laugh hysterically at these amusing worm jokes and puns on this list. Why not use these puns to create some of your own hilarious worm names? 

Funny Worm Puns

  • The fact that inchworms never miss an inch makes them excellent carpenters. 
  • “All writhing, let us begin,” the judge commanded as he struck the hammer to open the worm court session. 
  • The glow-worm believed his wife had consumed the entire cake. When he addressed her and saw her become crimson, he understood he was correct. 
  • There was a tie in the outcome of a race between two worms. 
  • The song “Wake me up before you shine!” was playing throughout the glow worm party.
  • A tapeworm is the most common type of worm used for gift-wrapping. 
  • Glow worms are a popular food that is loved by most people.
  • Following the ceremony, every worm gave the bride worm a worm hug to wish her luck. 
  • Worms can measure their length with ease by enlisting the aid of a tapeworm. 
  • All the worms cheered each other on in the glow worm beauty contest by exclaiming, “You glow girl!” 
  • The youngster began relating a depressing story after devouring the entire package of candy worms.
  • When the worm discovered that his daughter had arrived home late, what did he say? What on earth have you been doing? 
  • Why are worms regarded as an excellent company? Because they are consistently grounded. 
  • Is it possible to go fishing without using a worm on the hook? The response is disputable. 
  • What do you name a pair of earthworms which were meant to be together? Soil-mates. 
  • What kind of music do worms enjoy listening to? Musical underground. 
  • What do you call the army of maggots that lives inside decaying apples? Apple Corps, 
  • How was it possible for the Archaeopteryx to eat the most worms for breakfast? He was a morning person.
  • Why was the bag containing the glow worms closed? Since they usually make things easier! 
  • What will happen if fish develop an earthworm addiction? They’ll become addicted. 
  • What does a lizard typically do in the winter? He makes himself wormy. 
  • What caused the worm to traverse the playground? He wished to reach the tunnel slide! 
  • What will happen if the planet is overrun by wicked worms? worldwide worming 
  • What would a bookworm do during a football game, number 24? Infest the seat. 
  • What may ignite the light of a glow worm? Consuming a light supper. 
  • What is a worm that is not cool called? Warm.
  • What spoke the worm while he was imprisoned in the pumpkin? Better wriggle my way out of this, I think. 
  • How can you spot a tapeworm? Check to see whether it can correctly measure something.
  • How do you get a glow worm to smile? Just remove his tail, and he will be ecstatic! 
  • Why was the glow worm feeling so discouraged? since her children weren’t all that smart? 
Worm Puns
  • How do worms communicate? by recycling the notes. 
  • How are worms able to move through space more quickly than humans? With the use of wormholes. 
  • Why did the worm tire out after a little digging? Because he received an inquiry. 
  • What is an apple worm’s worst nightmare? Finding a worm’s half!
  • What is the name of a worm devoid of teeth? A chewy worm 
  • Why are gummy worms more popular than gummy bears? as gummy worms are simpler to deal with. 
  • Why didn’t the worm budge? He was a gummy worm, that’s why. 
  • What was said between two gummy worms? ‘You mean the worm to me.
  • I enjoy worm embraces. 
  • I adore curling up in front of the fire on a wet night. 
  • Make peace instead of a worm. 
  • I take that you mean the worm. 
  • Wormhole: The way in which worms move through time and space. 
  • Puns involving worms be like You are my fellow dirt. He got his pants dirty. 
  • Do you believe you have what it takes, Soil? He was really sensible. 
  • The disobedient worm’s parents grounded him. 
  • The seven seas were what the pirate worm yearned to “dirt” (sail). 
  • At the com-post office, the worm sent mail. 
  • The early bird gets the worm, so I hope I’m not too much of a bird-en (burden)! 
  • Gumball worm A worm that tastes truly nice… I have no idea what worms taste like. 
  • Avoid becoming so slinky. 
  • The window silk’s blossoms appear to be a touch dried out. 
  • My sister is a very resolute individual. Swivel, swing, swing. Make an effort to escape from this. 
  • You make my world shine. Girl, you shine! The worm underwent a light-up. 
  • When you light up, maybe you’ll be wiser. 
  • Rain, rain, go out glowing. A glow-bal scale governs how worms behave.
  • What dating counsel did the worm offer its companion? A: Go gradually. 
  • What did the first glow worm say to the second one? A: You shine, girl! 
  • What type of music do worms enjoy listening to? A: Independent music. 
  • Why do worms make wonderful friends? A: Since they are constantly grounded. 
  • What typically does a lizard do during the winter? A: He makes himself wormy.
  • Who lives in an apple and reads? A lover of books. 
  • What is invisible and has a worm-like odor? A crow farts. 
  • What transpired after the race between the two worms? A tie result was reached. 
  • Why was the glow worm instructor upset? A: Her students lacked sufficient intelligence. 
  • How do you distinguish between the two ends of a worm? A: Give it a middle wiggle to see which end chuckles. 
  • What happens when fish develop a worm addiction? They become sucked in. 
  • What do you call the world when worms rule it? A: Worldwide worming 
  • What do you name a worm that’s not cool? A: Warm!
Worm Puns

Hilarious Worm Jokes

If you enjoyed laughing at these puns and jokes for kids, you might also enjoy these really funny worm puns listed below.

Check out these hilarious worm-related puns if you enjoy worm humor and think book worm puns are amusing. These puns are sure to make people laugh, whether you’re using them to make a four-year-old or even a teenager chuckle. These worm-related jokes are pretty amusing.

  • What makes finding a worm in your apple worse? A: Discovering a half-worm inside your apple. 
  • What causes glow worms to shine? A little dinner. 
  • What is more intelligent than a talking worm? A spelling contest. 
  • The worm left the apple, but why? A: As Noah instructed, go in pears. 
  • What IT company is a worm’s favorite? A is Apple. 
  • What does a library professional bring in fishing? A strong hook.
  • What addressed the worm did the plant say? A: It pricks! 
  • What medium do worms utilize to transmit messages? Compostable Post-It Notes.
  • What did the worm say when it was on the turtle’s back? A: Weeee!
  • What does a turtle do in the colder months? Make himself worm by digging his home somewhere.
  • The Archaeopteryx ate the most worms, but why? He was an early bird, thus. 
  • Is there ever a solid reason to remove the worm off the hook when fishing? That is, I suppose, debatable. 
  • What species of fish are caught with gummy worms? Stockholm Fish 
  • What distinguishes a worm from a pumpkin? Have you had worm pie before? 
  • What symptoms indicate a tapeworm infection? It is emerging from your tummy! 
  • What was discussed between the two glow worms? Girl, you shine! 
  • What do two worms in love go by? Soilmates.
  • When worms rule the globe, what do you name it? Worldwide Worming 
  • Which worm end is which, and how can you tell? See which end laughs when you wiggle it in the center. 
  • What has an undetectable odor, like worms? Birds fart. 
  • When should you pause so you can see a glow worm? While his light is red. 
  • What do worms leave in the vicinity of their baths? The lowest of the low! 
  • A wormy kid returns home. When it notices mom, it queries, “Mom, have you seen dad? “Dad went fishing with the men, according to Mom. 
  • Why do worms have a chewing gum-like flavor? They are Wrigleys, after all! 
  • How can you recognize a police glow worm when you see one? It is lit in blue. 
  • Why do glow worms shine? A little supper! 
  • What results from breeding a python with a glow worm? A 15-foot strip light that can kill you by suffocating you. 
  • What band does a worm-like best? Mud. 
  • What was spoken by one maggot to another? What are you, a charming maggot, doing in such a place? 
  • Why did the scarecrow take offense at the worm? In the cornfield, it was plenty! 
  • What results from the mating of an elephant and a worm? Your garden has some enormous wormholes.
  • In the cornfield, what was the worm doing? He was entering one ear but leaving the other! 
  • What did the worm tell his pal when he became trapped in a pumpkin? Wriggle out of that one, you worm! 
  • Why is a comedy about earthworms offensive? They only understand crude jokes. 
  • After stepping on that worm this morning, I felt awful. You should have seen that it appeared to be seriously smashed. 
  • What do you call a world overrun by nasty worms? Worldwide Worming! 
  • What consumes laptops? Internet worms. 
  • Why are worms so difficult to wake up in the morning? It’s true that the early bird gets the worm. 
  • Why are light worms a fantastic Halloween bag item? They can make your load lighter! 
  • How do you cheer up a glow worm? Cut off his tail, and he will be ecstatic. 
  • The worm entered the playground, but why? the subterranean slide, of course! 
  • What sort of food prefers worms? Your candy for Halloween! 
  • Which worm end is which, and how can you tell? Test it by giving it a midway whack to see which end chuckles. 
  • What transpires when a Mexican finds the worm? He collapses. 
  • Who is the Prime Minister of the Worm? Thatcher the worm. 
Worm Puns
  • What would result from breeding a young goat with a worm? A filthy child 
  • What music would make a snow princess glow? Let it shine, let it shine!
  • When he arrived home late, what did the worm say to the other? Where have you been on earth?
  •  What was the chair’s response to the woodworm? It’s been fun to bite you. 
  • What happens when fish develop a worm addiction? They develop a habit. 
  • How do worms gauge how long they are? They want assistance from a tapeworm! “Worm court is in session,” hit the hammer that judges hold. He continues, “All writhe.” 
  • The glow worm was upset, but why? since her kids weren’t all that smart! 
  • How many worms are required to consume a zombie? The size of the zombie will determine this. 
  • How do you cheer up a glow worm? If you remove its tail, it will get unhappy. 
  • Why were the two worms unable to board Noah’s Ark inside an apple? The need that everyone proceeds in pairs. 
  • What do worms leave in the vicinity of their baths? The lowest of the low.
  • Glow worms are my favorite food. I detest worms and snakes since they have no feet, especially as a light snack. I suppose you could say I’m lacktoes intolerant. 
  • Have you heard of the race between two silk worms? The result was a draw. 
  • Why do worms detest cemeteries? Skeletons keep running into them! 
  • Why is it a good idea to keep glow worms in your bag? They can make your load lighter. 
  • I’m planning to launch a company that sells Nintendo consoles and worms. It will be known as “Bait and Switch.” 
  • What does a bookworm do while watching baseball? Infest the bench.
  • Gummy worms with the label “No artificial taste” caught my eye. Who purchases gummy worms in the hopes that they will taste the closest to actual worms? 
  • What could possibly be worse than finding an apple worm? Locating a worm’s half. 
  • God: Hello there, little friend! (Creates a worm) Worm: I appreciate the “worm” greeting, funny… 
  • God: “I make birds.” Two silk worms competed in a race, and they tied.
  • What did the fremen, who was sleep-deprived, say to the chattering sandworms? Stop producing rakis. 
  • Which species of worms possess bones? Sticky Worms. 
  • What was the worm’s reaction to being split in half? He was inconsolable. 
  • My father has a worm farm. Because they were man’s bait, he gave each worm the name Jason. 
  • What kind of worm works best for gift-wrapping? Tissue worm 
  • My uncle is an excellent fisherman. In order to catch the right fish, he always knows exactly what sort of worm to use on his fishing hook. He is a superb baiter if that makes sense.
  • A can of worms was opened. A remained still. Not quite the havoc that was promised. 
  • Did you know that the increase in worm population over the past 80 years has been attributed to rising temperatures? Yes, it is referred to as worldwide worming. 
  • Where are the Chicago worms’ baseball fields? The Wiggly Field!
  • Why did Noah find it so hard to fish on the ark? He just had two worms with him. 
  • A worm emerges from a spaghetti pile. “Damn, that was one heck of an orgy,” it exclaims. 
  • What distinguishes Donald Trump from a worm? The other one genuinely manifests itself when it rains, whereas the former is a slimy, repulsive creature incapable of sophisticated cognition. 
  • There must be another planet with worms someplace. If not, why do we refer to them as “Earth” worms.
  • When a family was eating supper one night, the smallest son asked his father if worms tasted good. 
  • The little youngster received a rebuke from both parents, who advised him that such topics shouldn’t be spoken at the dinner table. 
  • After supper, when the youngster’s father inquired as to the reason for his inquiry, the boy responded, “Papa, I guess worms taste good because there was one in your noodles.” 
  • The world’s worm protector: Let’s call the worm watching over the globe Nate. Nate is fantastic. He has been guarding the lever on a mountainside that has always been “on” for all of the time. Nate has never allowed it to go “off,” which is a good thing.
Worm Puns

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