99+ Funny Yellow Puns You’ll Enjoy

Puns with the color yellow will undoubtedly make your day better. Even if one doesn’t appreciate art, having a creative mind is vital to everyone’s well-being.

Each person’s taste in yellow puns is unique. Therefore, it’s fortunate that we have clever yellow color puns that span the entire spectrum.

Funny Yellow Puns

We have puns about the colors of the rainbow, yellow and blue. Bright and colorful objects are often many attractive things. Therefore, let these funny yellow color puns that we are sure your friends and family will enjoy brightening your life with laughter.

  • I’m now reading “The Yellow River”

It was authored by I.P. Freely.

  • What swings from cake to cake and is yellow?


  • I placed an order with a grocery store for some ripe, delicious, golden-yellow mangoes. However, every mango they sent me was green.

They treated me unfairly.

  • What is yellow and not recommended for drinking?

        school bus

  • What is deadly shark-infested yellow custard?
  • What is a yellow non-swimmer?

An excavator

  • Why did yellow and red separate?

since red, blue, and green

  • My wife questioned how I managed to keep track of all my Reddit dad jokes. I informed her that I put my favorites on little yellow Re Post-it Notes.
  • What is yellow and deadly if it gets in your eyes?

a bus for kids

  • What is yellow and is perched in a tree

An indecent tweet

  • What is spoken by the Prostitute Twee tie?

I just overheard my dad say, “Cheap,” at the Christmas dinner table approximately five minutes ago.

  • Blue and yellow are what?


  • Me: What does the word “yellow” begin with?

Kid: Y

Me: Because I’m curious.

  • I was going to make a joke about a certain shade of yellow, but because it’s mediocre, I probably shouldn’t.
  • My walls are covered with stuffed yellow taxis.

I perform taxidermy.

  • My grandma purchased a French pineapple as well as some curled yellow fruit.

Nana currently has a banana.

  • I handed my son a yellow crayon to use instead of his worn-out blue crayon.

This blue up, he said. I appreciate the gold.

  • I believe my son is a racist since he just consumed the white rice, ignoring the meatball and yellow lentils.
  • The song “Itsy-Bitsy, Teenie-Weenie, Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini” was really written by a woman.

Itsy-Bitsy, GIANT CRANK, Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini is what a male would have typed.

  • I opened an egg, and it was filled with this yellow sludge.

I thought, “Is this some sort of yolk?”

  • The lizard I saw had furious red skin. Then, it changed to orange! After that, it became yellow. Next, green. Next blue. Then it turned indigo and ultimately a calming violet.

Chameleon is becoming calmer and peaceful and tranquil.

  • Pink, green, and yellow – how do you employ them in a sentence?

I pinked up the phone and said, “Yellow?” when it went, “green! green!”

  • What color are hiccups if yellow are buttercups?


  • What has yellow skin and a mask on?

Bank robbery by a banana.

  • What is the purpose of a firefighter’s YELLOW suspenders?

To maintain his pant height.

  • What smells like yellow paint and is red

red color

  • What occurs if a yellow rock is thrown into a purple stream?

It creates a stir

  • What is yellow, and if it gets in your eye, it will kill you?

An excavator

  • What is yellow, poisonous if it gets in your eyes, and deadly?

The school buses.

  • What color are incapable of swimming?

a digger

  • What is exceedingly harmful, grey and yellow?

A shark in a custard dish.

  • Even though my brother had won the painting competition, he went to his adversary and gave him the proper recognition!
  • The artist was successful in ascending the nation’s tallest mountain. He credited the song “Paint No Mountain Higher!” for his accomplishment.
  • Jack is a charming individual with a unique personality. He’s a fantastic hue-man.
  • Balloons of every hue were launched into the arena as the blues guitarist sang his most well-known tune. I suppose we’ll be able to title it the “House of Hues.”
  • If suddenly, the electricity goes out in your purple home, you should check the fuchsia box.
  • You should call a plum-ber to fix your drain if a purple-colored fruit becomes caught in it.
  • The diligent gardening of the neighbor next door deteriorated the soil near the home, eventually turning it brown.
  • Due to its cytological validity, the color turquoise was chosen as the best new hue.
  • The owner groaned and exclaimed, “Cynara!” as the nonstop rain wiped away the house’s blue paint.
  • The fact that the owner ordered us to vacate our stunning, purple-colored home still makes me purple.
  • Near an ocean island, two ships carrying red and green paint collided. On the island, the crews of both ships are reportedly marooned.
  • When I was pondering the hue of the wind, it suddenly dawned on me that it was blue.
  • The color of military submarines is a rich navy blue.
  • The artist exhaled a cyan of relief after finishing the deadline barely in time.
  • The manufacturing worker in charge of adding colors to the clothing resigned. The owner is now in need.
  • Color blindness was identified in my sister. The discovery truly came as a complete surprise.
  • Fish prefer the hues of deep blue and azure blue.
  • After a wash, my shirt’s red hue became pink, which surprised me. I guess it just revealed the truth to me.
  • All the youngsters that entered the haunted home and subsequently entered the almirah were frightened by the ghost!
  • In my dream, I created a brand-new hue that no one had ever seen before. Most likely a figment of my imagination.
  • The fact that Green was the artist Pink’s favorite hue caught me completely off guard. No one could possess it in magenta.
  • The art teacher exclaimed, “Never in a vermilion year have I seen such terrible grades,” after looking at my poor test results.
  • He didn’t live up to the high expectations I had for him as an artist.
  • The sky’s hue can aid in weather forecasting. The hue-midity is reported fairly.
  • While a competitor business made a comparable offer, the graphic designer’s current employer awarded her a substantial boost. Now I’m stuck in my thoughts!

Cool Yellow Puns

Our eyes allow us to glimpse a world that is incredibly colorful. Check out these articles on yellow puns if you want to see more color-related puns and jokes.

This collection has a variety of puns in every hue, including purple, yellow, and all other colors.

  • I tried to aid my companion in the color-related question by mentioning a tint, but he was unable to do so.
  • My entire body had gone colored from being ill. After examining me, the doctor diagnosed me with a color infection, which was brought on by the Crayola virus.
  • Pass me the crimson, said Papa red to Son red when he wanted some toppings on his toast.
  • Yesterday I attended a brand-new type of performance that was presented by a lizard that can change colors. He made a good chameleon in stand-up.
  • Ultraviolet is the sun’s preferred color. It appears to sparkle with everything.
  • After being requested to leave their property, the purple family was taken into custody. They were fuchsia Ives of the law and violet with one another.
  • My wife prepared a soothing bath for me after a long day at the office. I made a poor decision by inquiring as to whether it would be a color illustration or a sketch.
  • I just completed a marathon for charity to promote a greener planet, but the race made me feel a little jaded.
  • When a deeper color was created, my goth acquaintance told me she would cease wearing black.
  • I three times shot a player in the paintball game. On impact, he died.
  • A painter will go on vacation to the hills if they ever feel pressured or upset. It will calm their anxiety.
  • Due to their agreement on the peace teal, blue and Green decided to cease fighting.
  • I once unintentionally consumed a lot of food coloring. Although the doctor said I was fine, I felt deep inside that I was dying.
  • Rioja lovers are loyal Liverpool fans. They adore the Reds wholeheartedly.
  • A crimson pen was always in the nurse’s pocket in case she needed to draw blood.
  • The owner of my Asian neighbor’s T-shirt business dyes white shirts. I believe it to be a Thai T-shirt manufacturer.
  • For the last few weeks, Red had been unwell. Scarlet fever has been identified as his ailment.
  • My brother was so furious when I destroyed his favorite toy that he went bright crimson.
  • “Don’t stare while I am changing,” the green light at the traffic signal commanded the red light.
  • Bloooooo-berries are the ghosts’ all-time favorite fruit!
  • He betrayed our squad and displayed his true-blue colors when the moment was right.
  • Red is a color that TV news anchors adore. When Burgundy is present, they get serious.
  • The well-read bird chose the moniker Red Robin for his new eatery.
  • Java programming was depressing and gloomy. You must utilize Blue Jay to access it each time you need to use it.
  • It’s hard to say if the sky ever smiles or not. Always appears to be very blue!
  • White wine is not a favorite beverage of librarians. They favor the bright red ones!
  • The architect put his fingers in a container of blue ink while constructing a home. He want to obtain the plans!
  • The computer needed to see the dentist right away since it had a Bluetooth!
  • The blue light began to emanate from the movie screen while I was viewing it. I suppose this is one of the drawbacks of Blue Ray movie viewing.
  • I gave my colleague some sound advice after he continually missing deadlines: don’t try to take on more than you can handle!
  • Calling a sad American cheese a blue cheese is the cruelest insult you can give it!
  • The doctor’s announcement that the patient had been given a depression diagnosis stunned the patient. It appeared out of nowhere!
  • Never combine oranges with apple juice. Maybe you could do it once in a blue moon.
  • Ultramarine blue is the only color that can be used to create watercolors.
  • Since blue and orange are complimentary hues, they are always cordial and friendly with one another.
  • The most infamous pirate was terribly depressed. He may have been Bluebeard, so that’s why.
  • I thought the hamburger I was eating was terribly depressing. It contained blue cheese!
  • My beloved blue pants in denim have recently gone brown. I’m going to have to name it Dung-areas, I suppose!
  • Even though I was meant to be feeling blue, I was astonished that my heart wasn’t really that heavy. I may be feeling a little blue.
  • When The Mooooo-dy Blues’ hit songs are played, cows become depressed.
  • The color blue is a favorite among engineers and mechanics of wind turbines.
  • The brilliant physicist created hyper-dark space when he poured coffee into a black hole!
  • We agreed to stay in touch after saying goodbye to my neurosurgeon friend.
  • The proprietor of the coffee business was scared. He was interested in finding out if the store was profitable.
  • The woman made the decision to keep her phone beneath her bed as she slept. She awoke the following morning to a $10 note. I believe the Bluetooth fairy paid her a visit.
  • Scientists established that once anything goes black, it can never be recovered once they discover the black hole.
  • When he learned that Batman had vowed to defend Gotham City, the pigs always made the decision to dress in all black.
  • Drinks are a favorite pastime for blackboards, especially hot white chalk-olate!
  • Batman always uses the black pieces when playing chess. Being “The Dark Knight,” he is never allowed to use the white pieces.
  • In the garden, there was a boxing match between the flowers. Black-eyed Susan was eliminated after the first round.

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