96+ Zombie Puns that Are Ghoulishly Funny

A zombie is a lifeless person who is assumed, in some Caribbean theologies, to have been brought back to existence by magic without any human personality. Share some hilarious zombie jokes with your close ones to make them giggle for hours. Given below is a list of some funny zombie puns.

Funny Zombie Puns

  • When do zombies move to the bed? When zombies are dead and sleepy.
  • Do zombies use their fingers to chew popcorn? Nay.  Zombies chew the fingers individually.
  • Why was the archer eaten by the zombie? Because He craved his bone and marrow.
  • Why didn’t the interviewer hire the zombie for the job? They only hire someone more spirited.
  • Where do zombies have their meal? In the living room.
  • How is zombie’s country served by them? In the Marine Corps.
  • How does a zombie present himself formally? He will say “Glad to eat you.”
  • What was said by the zombie’s companion when he presented himself formally to his girlfriend? Nice grief! Where did you dig your girlfriend from?
  • What bean zombies like the most? A human bean.
  • What would a dog that rises back from the dead be called? A zom-beagle.
  • Why do zombies go into a relationship with smart women? Because they hate a woman with no brains.
  • What toy zombie likes the most? A dead-y bear.
Zombie Puns
  • What does a zombie receive when he doesn’t reach for dinner on time? The cold shoulder.
  • What kind of car is driven by a zombie? A monster truck.
  • Where is the home of zombie monkeys? In the brain forest.
  • Which place is safe and secured from any harm to live in a zombie apocalypse? The living room.
  • What is white and black in color and expired all over? A zombie in a tuxedo.
  • Why didn’t the zombie make any mistakes on the test? Because the zombie was a no brainer.
  • What is said by one zombie to another zombie a comedian was eaten by them? Does this taste humorous to you?
  • What type of sweet do zombies deny to consume? Life Savers.
  • Who was taken to the prom by the zombie? His ghoul companion.
  • In which place zombies reside? On dead end lanes.
  • What would an immortal bee be called? A zom-bee.
Zombie Puns

Zombie Puns that Will Spook You

  • What is said by zombies before a battle? Do you need a part of me?
  • Why did the zombie become mentally ill? Because the zombie had lost his mind.
  • What shampoo a zombie likes the most? Head & Shoulders.
  • What is done by zombies at a marriage ceremony? Roast the bride and groom.
  • What would an incredibly well outfitted zombie be called? Outfitted to kill.
  • Why did the zombie quit steering? Because there was a dead stop.
  • How is zombies’ future predicted by them? With their horror-scope.
  • What do zombies prefer to have at barbeques? Halloweenies.
  • What sauce zombies like the most with brains? Grave-y.
  • Why is the honey liked by the undead? They assume the zom-bees make it.
  • What type of makeup do zombies put on their face? Mas-scare-a.
  • Why was the zombie fearful to pass over the highway? Because the zombie had lost his guts.
Zombie Puns
  • What football team a zombie likes the most? The Washington Deadskins.
  • Why was the light bulb eaten by the zombie? Because he had a craving for a light snack.
  • How do zombies maintain their hair on point? With scare spray.
  • How is Halloween celebrated by zombies? They color the city dead.
  • Why didn’t the zombie win a debate? Because the zombie had no leg to stand on.
  • What was done by the zombie after he cheated on his girlfriend? He rubbed his bum.
  • Why did the zombie avoid all his companions on Facebook? Because all of his Twitter followers were digested by him. 
  • Why does a zombie always go to the Subway? Because the zombie loves to ‘eat flesh.’
  • What do you receive when you traverse a zombie with a snowman? Frostbite.
  • Why did the zombie humorist get disapproval off-stage? Because he told only rotten jokes.
  • What would be done by you if you notice a zombie? Wish it’s Halloween.
  • What does it need to be a zombie? Deadication.
  • What is said by a zombie on his date? I hate brainless women.
  • What food zombies like the most? You.
  • What game Zombies like the most? Bite and eat.

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Zombie Puns

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